Hands on Holidays

It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.

– Khalil Gibran, artist, poet and writer.

As people of the modern era, we have grown so accustomed in our role as consumers. Driven to keep up with an unnatural pace set by a 24/7 world, we propel ourselves through each new day, thoughtless as to everything that we so impatiently consume. The cost of living this way begs a heavy price not only on our natural environment – but on our individual well-being and inner peace.


We at Weldgedacht Safaris have recognised this challenge and responded to it with an ambitious determination to make a difference. Together with the Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary, Welgedacht Safaris offers its guests the truly unique opportunity to be part of an exciting and innovative Working-Holiday Program.


The program affords participants an active role in the care and enrichment of all the animals at the sanctuary. Working closely with our highly skilled and dedicated team of professionals, guests gain an exclusive insight into the daily life of some of Africa’s most spectacular predators.


Surrounded by the striking African bushveld, feel yourself being transformed as you come face-t0-face with the sanctuary’s magnificent lions, hyenas and leopards. In such breath-taking moments, the noise of the world stills and the soul is truly nourished.


It is impossible to emerge from the program unchanged. To give of oneself to Nature is to grow in ways that words fail to explain. It is our dream that guests leave here with a new-found sense of authenticity and purpose, inspired to take on the challenges of everyday life in fresh and compelling ways.