The Bushcamp Experience


Feel the tension begin to ease from your body as you enter the African bushveld, your cares and concerns of the week evanescing into distant memories. For this time you spend with us, allow your spirits to lift and lighten as your soul finds restoration in this most beautiful of locales.

Enjoy an afternoon game drive as you embark safely under the trusted direction of our professional and certified guides who will share with you their wealth of knowledge, insight and infectious enthusiasm that is borne from a profound love and respect for the work that they do. Late afternoon sundowners are the order of the day as you greet the final escaping rays of the African sun with a gentle, golden kiss on the cheek and welcome the cool embrace of dusk in the bushveld. As night falls and the hot Summer air cools, many species of animals begin to emerge in anticipation of the busy hours ahead. Sunset and sunrise afford the most opportune moments to spot elusive wildlife.

And when night draws near and your adventurer’s spirit seeks rest, and comfort, and soft tranquillity, let yourself unfurl and unwind as our world class hospitality staff see to your every need. Spend the evening in front of a roaring fire and in the company of loved ones, finding renewed sustenance as you indulge in expertly prepared cuisine dashed with local flavour and colour. A dish that endures as a special favourite among residents and visitors alike is the traditional “potjie” – a rich and fragrant stew cooked in a cast-iron pot over an open fire. A truly unmissable and distinctly South African experience.

When the sounds of the day retreat into stillness and you find yourself softly illuminated by countless stars shimmering unabashedly above you... you will find yourself whispering your secret dreams to the vast open expanse of the biggest and most glorious night-sky you have ever seen.

Finally, retire to one of our exquisitely appointed lodges. Here, the discerning visitor can truly abandon all cares and revel in refined comfort, each room a private and spacious sanctuary safely ensconced within this extraordinary reserve.


Wake up to customary rusks and coffee as you get an early start to what will truly be a day like no other. A short game drive takes full advantage of the early morning flurry of animal activity before guests are treated to a special visit at the world-renowned Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary.

This sanctuary is the realisation of a life-long dream of wildlife behaviourist and conservationist, Kevin Richardson. Kevin is best known for his unequalled ability to intimately interact with such magnificent and dangerous predators as lions and hyenas, and for his incredible accomplishments, he has been featured on Sky News, CNN, ABC News and CBS’s “60 Minutes” program.

The sanctuary is a self-sustaining home to lions, spotted hyenas, striped hyenas and black leopard. It was established to provide a safe space for these animals to life full lives in as natural an environment as possible. Engage in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as you learn about the sanctuary’s vision to raise awareness about the struggle to protect these animals from habitat loss as a result of human encroachment and revenge killing, unscrupulous hunting and illegal trade.

Following this truly humbling experience is a well-deserved, delectable lunch back at camp. The rest of the afternoon is yours to leisurely while-away in peaceful reverie. Such tranquillity is a rare commodity in the rushed and deadline-driven lives we human beings have manufactured for ourselves. Let Mother Nature be your teacher and allow her soothing spirit to cleanse your soul.

The daylight hours draw to a close with another unforgettable game drive and sundowners, setting the stage for your final evening in this captivating landscape. Enjoy the soundtrack of singing frogs and nightjars as you follow the enticing smell of a traditional South African bushveld braai (barbeque). Gathered around the fire, this is a time to celebrate the bonds of family and friendships – both old and new. A time to feel the Earth’s infinite vitality working inside you to rouse long-sleeping senses. A time to cherish the world in its most naked form. A sacred time.


An early morning game drive is followed by a scrumptious brunch. And then it is time to return home. Wherever it may be that you have come from and whatever troubles you may have carried with you, each of our guests leaves here as part of a growing family. You leave here not as a weary traveller, but with a new-found sense of energy and dynamism ignited by the ageless, unceasing power of this land. You leave here carrying Africa in your heart.